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30 April 2016

Private Show

What a fantastic night this past Saturday April 30th, 2016 at the Napanee Golf & Country Club celebrating the 50th Wedding Anniversary of Ted & Theda Young. It was our honour to help celebrate this very special day in their lives. Seeing all the smiling faces, hearing all the wonderful comments and seeing the people singing and dancing along to each song, made this an evening to remember. Congratulations Ted & Theda!

Ready To Fly // Andrew Martin - Departures
  1. Ready To Fly // Andrew Martin - Departures
  2. My New Dawn // Andrew Martin - Departures
  3. Fly // Departures
  4. The Prayer // Departures
  5. Show Love // Andrew Martin - Departures
  6. My Confession // Departures
  7. You Are So Beautiful // Andrew Martin - Departures
  8. Just In Time // Departures
  9. I Can’t Help // Departures
  10. If I Could Look Through Your Eyes // Departures
  11. La Preghiera Del Signore // Departures