"Winter Wonderland" Pentecostal Assembly

Date : 3 / Dec / 2017
Time : 6:00pm
Address : 4709 43rd St. Vermillion, Alberta
Tel : 1-289-291-1278
Christmas Banquet

Vermillion, Alberta

Pentecostal Assembly

An evening of your favourite Christmas songs that will put you in the spirit of Christmas.

See why people say “what a remarkable voice”, “my whole family loved the show”, “this show starts our Christmas season”. A must see Christmas show by multi award winning vocalist Andrew Martin.

Hear your favourite songs:

Silent Night

Merry Christmas Baby

O Holy Night

Ave Maria

Jingle Bells

Winter Wonderland

White Christmas

Mary Did You Know

and many, many more

Ready To Fly // Andrew Martin - Departures
  1. Ready To Fly // Andrew Martin - Departures
  2. My New Dawn // Andrew Martin - Departures
  3. Fly // Departures
  4. The Prayer // Departures
  5. Show Love // Andrew Martin - Departures
  6. My Confession // Departures
  7. You Are So Beautiful // Andrew Martin - Departures
  8. Just In Time // Departures
  9. I Can’t Help // Departures
  10. If I Could Look Through Your Eyes // Departures
  11. La Preghiera Del Signore // Departures