Booking Information

Booking Andrew Martin and his band is easy.
You can call 289-291-1278 or 604-785-7985,
or send an email to


Having a fundraiser for your church or organization? Let Andrew add a special musical touch. Andrew Martin has performed at and helped organize countless Fundraising Concerts for churches, sports teams, and community groups. Enjoy a great evening out while raising money for your organization. What could be better?

­What information do I need to have to book you?

The more info, the better! What we need to know is what date(s) you’re thinking of and which show(s) you are interesting in booking. We do know that sometimes you may not have all of those details yet, so even if you’re still figuring it out, we encourage you to reach out to us so we can help you gather all the info you are needing. Comments like, “The show needs to be on a weeknight” or “We can only do Saturday evenings” will be helpful so we know what your flexibility and limitations are.

Current Shows:

70’s Revolution:

Fresh from Woodstock the road through the 70’s would find us stopping at a Hotel in California
where Travolta would give us Fever on Saturday Night. Paisley was the pattern of choice. Platform Shoes took us to new heights. The King of Rock n Roll said Aloha from Hawaii and the future King of Pop taught us our ABC’s. All while Disco kept us Staying Alive.


Celebrate the journey that made us carefree, gave hope and brought us together… Music SEVENTIFIED!

Rockin’ the 70’s & Beyond

Musical Roots:

A Recipe For Mighty Fine Music…

Take one Canadian kid and marinate with inspiration from down south quartet harmonies and a good dose of Presley … yeah, that one.

Mix in a passion for great voices of each generation and shake ingredients together with a couple decades of touring.

Sprinkle in a pinch of blues and a heaping tablespoon of jazz.

Pour over a natural tenor voice in the ranks of Bocelli and Buble.

That’s a whole bunch of good, pure music and fun that’ll inspire and heal what hurts.

Christmas Traditions:

Spending time with the ones you love, during the Season of Hope.

A warm cup of your favorite drink, cuddled up near the fireplace, laughing with a group of family or friends and sharing stories. Enjoy the twinkling lights as your favorite songs of the season fill your heart with Christmas cheer.

Jazz, Blues, Inspirational, and Classics blended with hints of the last 5 decades.

Andrew Martin – A Fresh Tenor voice and a journey through the music of Christmas.

Start a NEW tradition, with the ones you love.




Ready To Fly // Andrew Martin - Departures
  1. Ready To Fly // Andrew Martin - Departures
  2. My New Dawn // Andrew Martin - Departures
  3. Fly // Departures
  4. The Prayer // Departures
  5. Show Love // Andrew Martin - Departures
  6. My Confession // Departures
  7. You Are So Beautiful // Andrew Martin - Departures
  8. Just In Time // Departures
  9. I Can’t Help // Departures
  10. If I Could Look Through Your Eyes // Departures
  11. La Preghiera Del Signore // Departures