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10 March 2017
Andrew Martin Alberta Tour

Alberta Bound

Looking forward to being back in Alberta this April with our brand new show “Musical Roots”. This show takes me back to my roots of being a young boy raised in gospel music, quintessential harmonies and of course Elvis Presley. With songs such as “How Great Thou Art”, “I’ve Got Confidence”, “Farther Along”, “Bridge Over Troubled Water”, “Walk A Mile In My Shoes” and many more. Join me in taking a trip back in your memory, to your roots, of who you are and what shaped you into who you are today.

Ready To Fly // Andrew Martin - Departures
  1. Ready To Fly // Andrew Martin - Departures
  2. My New Dawn // Andrew Martin - Departures
  3. Fly // Departures
  4. The Prayer // Departures
  5. Show Love // Andrew Martin - Departures
  6. My Confession // Departures
  7. You Are So Beautiful // Andrew Martin - Departures
  8. Just In Time // Departures
  9. I Can’t Help // Departures
  10. If I Could Look Through Your Eyes // Departures
  11. La Preghiera Del Signore // Departures